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The Spirit of Boxing Day 


New Release.....Coming for Christmas 2016!......

When a Boxing Day hunt accident inflicts life changing injuries on accomplished horsewoman Holly, life will never be the same again.. Plunged into depression, Holly isolates those that love her, and her marriage to Steve breaks down. A chance encounter at the rehab centre with Lou might just be the key to her recovery. Also very much into her horses Loy persuades Holly to visit the stables where she keeps her horse. A new circle of friends including vet Joe show Holly that even with a disability she can still be with the horses she loves so much. Nearly a year later, Christmas Eve sees another tragic accident and a massive shock revelation. Will Holly ever find peace?


The Naked Dog


Penned under Maddie Mae, a definitive honest guide to dog breed.  If you are struggling to decide what breed best suits your home have a look at this no holes barred guide.  Choosing the right dog can ensure you have a long and happy life with your pet. 




Released under the pen name Anna Aeon, Kidnapping and rescue missions are dangerous enough when you are breaking into the castle of the vampire queen..but add to that a race of super evolved human vampire hybrids raging war and treason and things get a whole lot trickier..join Uriel and Zeox as their race to rescue Giselle turns into a forged alliance and a fight for everyones lives...


Beyond Diamond Mine


Released under the pen name Anna Mae - suitable for young teenage readers and adults alike....follow fallen angel Sophia and her unusual companions as they journey through the underworld fighting dragons and escaped nightmare creatures to bravely return to Earth on a rescue one has made this journey and survived, but for Sophia the motivation is love. She needs to succeed, for not only her life depends on it. 


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