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My life has been a wildly eclectic journey, but along the way I have been lucky enough to pick up many skills, experience many things and play at more than one career, which has given me a wealth of insight for my writing.  


I write fiction and non-fiction, and I write on a variety of subjects.   


Heading pretty close to my 40th year, I am married with 2 children, who are growing up far too fast!  I am lucky enough to live in the green expanse that is Devon, and feel truly blessed to call such a beautiful place my home. 


My Chihuahuas are a huge part of my life, they make great rambling companions, and fantastic writing buddies, there is always a chihuahua under my arm or on my lap. Currently they number 10 , but a heavy involvement in rescue work will doubtless see the number rise ;)


Career wise, what haven't I done!  I started out in shoes as a Saturday girl in Stead and Simpsons, from there I took a very strange route, to WH Smiths, Lloyd Maunder as a fully qualified butcher, then just 2 doors up to Nationwide as a bank clerk!  After this I moved to Health Insurance, but life was interrupted with the patter of tiny feet.  Once I returned to work I spent a year as an ambulance control room assistant, taking 999 calls and sending the ambulances on their way.  I can honestly say the most rewarding, stressful and amazing job I have ever had, but the hours were not suitable for a busy mum. 


I moved to local government as a temporary admin assistant and the next 6 years flew by, moving from admin, to IT, to PA and finally to Customer Service Manager, but with 2 children by this stage, I was missing out on their lives. 


I moved to primary schools so I could be off when they were off, and had a lovely few years as a teaching assistant, moving to secondary school to support my students as they too grew up and moved on. 


Unfortunately chronic illness stopped my teaching aspirations and life changed beyond recognition.  For the first time in my life I could not work full time.  I had always had a passion for writing, and holistic therapies.  I had already qualified to teach yoga and as a flower remedy therapist whilst on maternity with my youngest son, so using both these skills seemed a perfect fit.


I quickly became a successful freelance writer, and went back to study to learn more holistic therapies.  That has been my life ever since.  Now I have books published, run a successfully freelance IT business and coach others to break their moulds and reach for their dreams!


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